Day Two Cusco; Merchant textile stop, Church, Sacred valley, Ollytambo, Maras and Moray, Pisaq

My hotel was located right off the main square. It was a very convenient central local with many nearby amenities. The main square Church rings it bells at five A.M everyday to wake up the local workers and annoy the tourists.

It was an early rise and my pick up point was the fountain at the main square. I waited patiently for fifteen minutes past the pick up time and I was finally greeted my friendly lady. She escorted me to a nearby bus and I boarded with only a few people on it. We stopped in various pick up locations throughout the city and were on our way. I was shocked how the neighbourhood changed so quickly from gorgeous churches and nice restaurants to slummy ghetto. I’ve learned to accept that bus drivers drive like maniacs everywhere so no surprise when that was the case. We picked up people until the bus was full. It was a predominantly Spanish speaking tour but there was about five English speakers. The first stop was a lovely textile weaving village. They distributed coca leaf tea and we watched a weaving demonstration. I kept zoning out watching cats on the roof. They had beautiful scarves, sweaters, blankets and bags for a sale. I purchased a turquoise patterned scarf as I knew I had many further stops for souvenirs. One of my biggest recommendations for travel to Peru is to buy as much textiles as you can. The price, quality, colours and styles are amazing and I regret not buying more. (10 scarves and a blanket wasn’t enough)

We loaded back into the bus and was off to a historic church. I forget the name of it but I’m totally going to look for it and update this. Tickets were purchased by the tour operator and distributed. We may have been early as we had a few minutes to wait. I hadn’t ate breakfast and was feeling horrible. I saw a lady selling corn. Knowing South American corn is not the same as my local home corn I eagerly bought an ear. I had a few bites and the plump kernels tasted great but I wasn’t hungry from the altitude sickness and I discarded it. We climbed some stairs

I felt like I was going to puke the ENTIRE day. I was so sick. Every bump, every turn. Felt horrible. I shouldn’t have engaged myself with a fourteen hour bus tour on day two. I was not acclimatized. With diamox it dehydrates you and your medical recommendation is drink much more water than normal. There was no way I could drink excessive water while on a bumpy bus without a toilet for a fourteen hour trip.

To be continued

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