Scuba Diving Confined Water Dives

In May 2018 I was on a boat in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when I first saw Dolphins in the wild. I snuck my own beer on the boat and as I was enjoying it in the extremely hot sun I had a moment of pure happiness. I was so overjoyed to finally see Dolphins that are not in a cage. (I actually cried happy tears-weirdo right??) Later in August when in Key Largo, Florida I enjoyed a glass bottom boat tour where I saw nurse sharks, barracudas and plenty of cool fish. From that moment on I had a curiosity that I had to itch. This was the first time I really desired to be a Scuba Diver.

I researched course options and different organizations such as PADI, SSI ETC. PADI was the most recognized. I knew various Dive Centres were out there and plenty of courses but I decided to wait and think about it. Several weeks went by with no further action and I decided to do a bit more research.

There’s a local Dive Shop 3 kilometers from my apartment. I had been informed an instructor there was a real asshole. (Apparently he was related to my friends ex-wife so who knows if he is biased). Based on their website they do not hold courses often only every few months but I decided to talk to them and learn more. When the women answered the phone she was unengaged, didn’t want to answer questions and was only booking a session a few month’s away. I think she actually grunted at me. The way she sounded I visualized she was sixty+ years old with a smoke hanging out of her mouth at a bingo hall.

After that call ended and reconfirmed my low expectation of my nearest Dive Centre I decided to call another which was about 1 hour drive away.

Pete answered the phone in a cheery helpful manner which was polar opposite of the last call.


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