Paracas, Ica, Dune Buggy and Sandboarding in Huacachina-March 17th 2018

I had set a wake up call with the front desk for 4:30am but I only woken up to my cell phone alarm. I hopped in the shower and had a hard time getting the hot water to run. I almost had to duck to stand comfortably in the shower. I had read that the Inca people were on average very short perhaps this is similar for all Peruvians.

After getting ready I went to the front desk and asked them to confirm my tour because I hadn’t heard anything recently.

She concerned me by stating the phone operator indicated I was to call and confirm the day prior. There was no mention of that in any correspondence. The scheduled pick up time was 5:15am to 6:15am and if I wasn’t picked up I was informed to call back at 9 and request a refund/ change the booking. Clearly that wouldn’t be acceptable as I only had more full day in Lima and this was an 18-hour excursion.

I decided to sit in the lobby and wait as I did not want to fall back asleep in my room and miss them completely. In and out of slumber I checked the time on my fitbit often. Eventually the time read 6:36. This made me panic. I emailed the tour company and sent them a Facebook message.

It dawned on me. I hadn’t changed the time on my phone and fitbit. Peru is one hour behind. Doh!

Eventually the tour operator shows up. He informs me he will be dropping off others and the bus will leave from my hotel. Twenty minutes later after several mini groups have been dropped off we board the bus.

This tour had a lot of ground to cover and having such an early start (because I set my alarm an hour early!) I fell asleep for most of the four hour ride to Paracas.

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