Departing for Peru – March 16th 2018

I’m currently on the plane waiting for take off. This is a great moment for reflection.

  • I’m actually doing this
  • I wasn’t nervous until I was packing the final bag and saying good bye to Madison
  • I’m blessed to be able to take this much time off work and have someone cover my vacation
  • I’m thankful to amazing friends and family who are taking care of my pets
  • To all the people that told me; that I can’t do it, that I better take the train, that I shouldn’t do it and how unsafe it is for a solo woman traveller…. Watch me
  • Many people told me how jealous they are of this trip. Don’t be jealous, save up and live out your dreams. Just do it! No regrets, no hating
  • I’m really glad I’m doing this

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