Sports Tourism Events Congress in Halifax March 6th to 9th 2018

I’m beyond excited I won a trip for work to attend the annual Sports Event Congress in Halifax. I will be representing the hotel I work for but also as a brand representative. There isn’t much time for sight seeing as the three days are jammed packed with activities, seminars and social events. I have visited Halifax prior so I have basic knowledge of what to expect.
Toronto Pearson Airport Parking

I found a hidden gem after years of being ripped off at Airport Parking and Park and Fly. The lot is just a few blocks away at 3356 Elmbank Road. I buy my parking in advance and use a discount code provided by: . My parking from the morning of March 6th to 9th evening was only $26. Better yet parking for my Peru trip for 16 days only cost $99 CDN.
Tuesday March 6th Air Canada flight at noon

After a smooth and easy shuttle with a friendly driver I arrived at the airport in minutes. I tell you this is the time to fly at. The airport was practically empty.

I breezed through security and had several hours to spare as recommended. I feel like it’s bad luck to not toast my trip with a customary farewell beer. Off to the Mill Street Pub to wait for boarding.
Ground Transportation in Halifax

The last time I was in Nova Scotia I rented a SUV. It was optimal as I planned on sight seeing and Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are very spread out. This time a rental isn’t really an option because I will be just paying to park it and I’m trying to keep costs as low as possible for my employer. I looked at busses which have seasonal routes. Taxis cost $55 one way which I find expensive. The first Uber ever in Halifax only happened less than a month ago on February 10th, 2018. I doubt that there would be many Uber’s on the road. I came across Driver Dave’s airport service. I submitted the request form on their webpage as directed and I was contacted shortly confirming the pick up and flight details. E-mails went back and forth regarding details; the car is unmarked, payment is cash only but they issue receipts and they will text you when you land. They are watching the flights and know when you land.

The service was very professional and simple. Driver Dave’s was basically a service that sub-contracts a cab to pick up. The driver was excellent and recommended restaurants nearby.
The Event

The actual Sports Congress was a great week of sports networking, seminars, drinks and food.
Leaving Was a Different Story

A huge snow storm came out of no where and my Friday March 9th 3:30pm Air Canada flight was the first flight to be grounded. We sat on the plane for four hours before they cancelled it as per Air Canada guidelines. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the foresight to plow the snow or clear a gate so we had to wait just under two more hours to deplane. Air Canada had the foresight to have two police officers waiting at the exits incase any passengers were irrate. After waiting in a big line I get handed a pamphlet with a number circled and a deal with it your self suggestion. Luckily I had a few friends/colleagues on the plane so we got nearby hotel rooms and jumped in a cab together. The circled customer service number provided the earliest flight at 8:30pm on Sunday evening.

That’s horseshit it was Friday.

Members of our stranded crew called all night and eventually got a 9:15 pm Saturday night flight. That sucked too but was better than Sunday. We opted to arrive at the airport for just after 7am and try our luck at standby. Luck was on our side and all four of us got on the same flight and made it home.

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