I’m going to miss Madison on my trips

I love to travel but I absolutely go nuts without my cat for long periods of time. I miss her so much and she’s quite pissed when I’m away from her. She’s well taken care of by family and friends in my absence but it’s not the same. She was a rescue Oshawa street kitty and likely had abandonment issues. We bonded and have a super close mom/kitty relationship. She follows me everywhere, sleeps on my me and plays fetch. Last year I vacationed for nine days in Colombia and when I came back my posters were ripped and chewed and some completely down.

On the way home from the airport I was sick with anxiety excited to see my kitty girl. When I unlocked the door I saw her at the top of the stairs. As I walked up she started to meow but was cautious. “Maddy-Boo” “Madddison” I called and she had a look on her face of disbelief. After nine days she had thought that I was gone and had left her. It was heartbreaking for a second. I sat down and petted her and she jumped on my chest and was slightly standoffish but the love was there.

I love her so much I don’t want her to think I abondanded her when I’m gone for sixteen days in Peru.

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